Sno-Way UTV Trip Edge Straight Plow Series

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UTV Straight Plow with Trip Edge Sno-Way®, the leader in designing small plows with a big appetite for snow does it again. We have designed a trip edge straight plow for the UTV market. This fully hydraulic 6 foot straight plow has been tested and proven to meet the unique challenges of the UTV.

A Plow that Hungers for Snow See the straight UTV plow by Sno-Way® in action. It’s durable, easy to maneuver and has excellent cleaning power. When plow is removed only the mounting system remains under the UTV. It also has an integrated swing frame on the blade and reinforced blade structure for long plow life.

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Model 6'-0"
Blade Width 72"
30° Angle Plow Width 62"
Blade Height 22"
Weight 265 lbs.
Cutting Edge 1/4" x 4-1/2"
Vertical / Diagonal Ribs 4 / 0
Trip Springs 2
Plow Shoes Optional
Shock Killer™ Not Available
Plow Lights Not Available
Down Pressure® Hydraulic System Not Available
Wireless Control Not Available
Complete plow weight does not include weight of subframe.