Anyone can sell Commercial Landscape Equipment. To support that equipment beyond expectation is what we do best. Over the last few years we have heard many bad sales pitches with unbelievable guarantees. Service guarantees are only as good as the dealer promoting it. Our service dept is committed to increasing your productivity by providing quality, timely service delivered by professionally trained technicians and a knowledgeable courteous staff. Are you in the Salem, Virginia, Roanoke Valley area? Need that mower picked up? We do that as well. Give us a call 540-375-2841. We are here to help.

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Tech Tip 1

Maintenance free bearings are not truly maintenance free! Every time you service your equipment take a minute to inspect your belts, and turn all pulleys and spindles by hand. If you hear any bearing noise or feel roughness in the bearing, replace it now to avoid costly down time. Don’t get caught in the middle of a job. A few extra minutes now could save you lots of time and money later.

Tech Tip 2

Don’t take fuel for granted. A major engine manufacturer sent us a bulletin stating that if you put fuel older than 30 days in their engines you will void the warranty. 30 DAYS! Know your fuel sources. We recommend high volume stations with name branded fuel. It is a great idea to treat all fuel with a stabilizer such as Starbrite, or Seafoam to extend its shelf life and reduce the negative effects of ethanol.